Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in the West, founded three thousand years ago. As an island, it has had a peculiar evolution, extremely compact, where the architecture of different periods and origins live together in harmony. 35 kilometres away from Cadiz, we find Jerez de la Frontera, one of the most important wine capitals in Spain with interesting industrial architecture and the evolution of this typology, from the eighteenth century until now. In the territory of Cadiz, we can find buildings by Campo Baeza, Alvaro Siza, Miguel Fisac, Jose Antonio Torroja and Luis Gutierrez Soto, amongst others.


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Cadiz-Jerez: Light and Landscape

Author: Emilio J. Rodriguez Posada
  • Cadiz is one the oldest settlements in Spain. It is constructed on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and with the urban development that has taken place, it is a fascinating destination. Jerez on the contrary, is a historic city in the interior of lower Andalusia, surrounded by vineyards, with architecture tied to the production of wine and with contemporary examples of such.
  • 2 days (6 hours each day)

Architecture of Cadiz

Author: Blanca Espigares Rooney
  • Cadiz is a very particular city because of its condition of island in the middle of the ocean. Its historic urban landscape is unique and very special, as its contemporary evolution taking space from the sea. Its architecture is influenced by the light, by its relation with the sea, by its condition as the gate for the bay and because of its lack of space. In this tour we will be able to know the evolution of a city that has been historically exposed to the elements and its architecture of light.
  • 6 hours with a lunch break.

Architecture of Jerez

Author: Willtron
  • Jerez is an interior town which has historically tied to the industry of wine. It is a stately city, with palaces and important churches, and with a contemporary architecture which has managed to read all this legacy in order to interpret it. Besides, the wineries which are surrounding the city shape a very interesting route of industrial architecture. This a very varied tour in which we will be able to undertsant the evolution of the residential architecture along with the industrial one, which is part of the urban scene.
  • 4 hours and a coffee break.

Wine’s Architecture in Jerez

Author: Victoria del Rosal López
  • Jerez is the city of wine. This industry has defined not just the urban system and its architecture, but also its character. The sherry is a wine world wide known which in the 19th century was mostly exported due to the high demand. That is why Jerez was the first city in Andalusia to have train or urban lighting. The wine made it an avant-garde city. We can say that is a city that was built on wine, with traditional architecture of wineries which is very particular and with a special construction. This tour goes over the history of the sherry and its architecture throughout the centuries, from its historic wineries to the contemporary ones.
  • 4 hours and a coffee break.

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