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Hello! We are Blanca, Elena and Rafael, a team of local architects, experts in organising tours in Andalusia focusing on architecture, urban planning and landscaping. We belong to the International Association of Guiding Architects and we conduct tours in German, French, English and Spanish.

All of our guides are architects living in Andalusia, who practise architecture here, and who know firsthand all about the local contemporary and historic constructions of every town and city. We provide the visitor with broad knowledge of local architecture and urban planning, and a deep comprehension of the circumstances, features and possibilities involved.

Who are we?

Blanca Espigares Rooney. Architect from the University of Seville (2003), specialising in heritage, the city and Andalusian architecture. Master’s degree in Architecture and historical heritage (2006-2007) and PhD from the University of Granada (2015). I have worked on heritage restoration and enhancement projects in the Alhambra and other historic cities, which has allowed me to acquire in-depth knowledge of their structures and main elements. I have also been a teacher and researcher at the University of Granada where I learnt didactic techniques and began to disseminate knowledge. For years I have dedicated part of my work to the dissemination of architecture, and in particular the importance of contemporary architecture with urban planning and historical heritage.

Elena García Crespo. Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1999). Since 2000, when I moved to Malaga, I have participated in numerous heritage intervention projects and between 2003 and 2004 I worked in the Botanical-Historical Garden La Concepción as an architect. Since 2010, I have developed activities for the dissemination of architecture, urbanism and heritage, collaborating with various local initiatives and institutions. I believe it is essential to bring citizens closer to aspects of urban dynamics, management and planning of cities and energy efficiency to encourage their involvement in order to make cities and built environments the best spaces of opportunity for personal and collective development.

Rafael Ruiz Gil. Architect by the University of Seville (2011). Master in Architecture and Historical Heritage (2014-2015) and PhD from the University of Seville (2023). I have worked in different fields ranging from building and urban planning to museum concept and design or cultural management. I have also been a research collaborator at the University of Seville and a visiting researcher at the University of Porto. I have always had a great interest in the dissemination and spread of architecture and heritage, which has led me in recent years to delve deeper into these subjects, covering both historical and contemporary architecture and urban developing.



Andalusia is a mosaic of city centres with outstanding contemporary and historic architecture nestled in diverse landscapes and geographical contexts. The architecture dialogues: the relationship between different construction periods which have each added to it, not subtracted. Therefore, there are cities, villages and settlements featuring the overlapping of many historic layers, resulting in Andalusia being one of the regions with the most unique architecture of the Iberian Peninsula.

GA Andalusia is part of the Association of Guiding Architects, an international network of independent professionals who combine travel with architecture. The members of Guiding Architects provide high quality, insightful and instructive tours, being privy to and having excellent connections within local architecture industry in more than 40 destinations all around the world.

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