Beside the river Guadalquivir, in a valley, we find Cordoba a city with a Roman past, which was the capital of the Ummayad Caliphate. It is organised with patio-houses and is a good example of contemporary architecture coming into contact with heritage legacy and whitewashed architecture, yielding a cohesive bond. In this town we can find works of architecture by Nieto-Sobejano, Paredes-Pedrosa, MECANOO and Alejandro de la Sota.


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The Evolution of the Historic Urban Landscape of Cordoba

Author: Toni Castillo Quero
  • Located on the shores of the River Guadalquivir and with ancient origins, this city has been built by superimposing historic layers, leaving a lasting legacy. It is a perfect example of a settlement on a plain in Andalusia. The importance of the placement of the river, the rehabilitation during the past years and the gardens are a perfect combination. Along with the discovery of Caliphal remains and contemporary architecture.
  • 8 hours with two coffee breaks and lunch.

Architecture in Cordoba

Author: Manuel Pedregosa
  • The architecture in Cordoba is tied to the valley, to the river and it is organised in order to filter the light with its courtyards. In this tour we visit the most important architectonic spaces so we can undersdtand their evolution, from the historic elements to the contemporary ones. Nieto &Sobejano and Mecanoo are two of the leading figures that have left their trace in the contemporary Cordoba.
  • 6 hours and a break for lunch.

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