With an important coastal port, Malaga has experienced interesting urban planning, ultimately transforming into the City of Museums. It offers a splendid cultural, artistic and historic city with great vitality where we can contemplate the remains of multiple pasts. With buildings of the last century in line and harmony. Malaga is located beside the coast and this orography has given rise to unique architecture, such as the Alcazaba and the Cathedral, but also to contemporary structures by architects such as Francisco González Fernandez, Aranguren & Gallegos, Isabel Camara Guezala & Rafael Martín Delgado and Salvador Moreno Peralta, amongst others.


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New Urban Development of Malaga-City of Museums

Author: Paolo Trabattoni
  • Malaga is a Mediterranean city with a long-established history. It is currently one of the main touristic capitals in Spain. The rehabilitation of the urban centre has led to remarkable change of the city, in less than a decade. The urban approach to the city of museums has changed in part the physiognomy and the relationship with the historic centre. Building of a whole network of museums and contemporary cultural centres, which have revitalised the city.
  • 6 hours with two coffee breaks and lunch

Contemporary Architecture in Malaga

Author: Lupulo2010
  • Malaga is a modern and cosmopolitan city which has changed into an economic engine in the region. In just few years it has modernised all the urban centre and has built a contemporary character linked to his condition of historic coast city. In this tour we go over its architecture, from the historic to the one that is currently defining this active town.
  • 4 hours with coffee break. 

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