The urban evolution in Seville has always been determined in relation to the Guadalquivir river, the longest in Andalusia. It is a historic city where different cultures have left an impressive legacy. It has one of the largest historic city centres in Europe with magnificent examples of the dialogue between contemporary architecture and historic heritage. Besides being the biggest city in Andalusia, Seville is a European capital, iconic for contemporary architecture with structures by Jürgen Mayer, Cruz&Ortiz, Guillermo Vázquez-Consuegra, Santiago Calatrava, Sol89 or AF6 Arquitectos, amongst others.


These are example tours to understand what we do and why we are different. But we can customise the tours for the needs of your studio or your company, and your interests.

Andalusian Contemporary Rehabilitation

Author: Blanca Espigares Rooney
  • The element that has shaped of the city of Seville is residency, providing current and past atmosphere and architecture which has shaped the city. Monuments and houses coexist with a fluid and intimate relationship between them. The tour explains this unique historical situation through the contemporary rehabilitation of houses, convents, monasteries and residential units. Thus is the basis of a whole new way of conceiving architecture and the strength of architecture in Seville.
  • 4 hours with a break of 20 minutes.

Urban Development of Seville through the Universal Exhibitions (1929 and 1992)

Author: Muriel Romero Sanchez
  • The Guadalquivir River is the element that has determined the growth of Seville. Both the Universal Exhibitions were planned in relation to the river and have conditioned the development of the city. The tour visits the exhibition areas and part of the city, to understand the influence on the urban shape.
  • 4 hours by bike.

Contemporary Architecture in Seville

Author: Nacho Domínguez-Adame
  • Architecture in Seville has had during the last decades of the twentieth century, a group of international ambassadors. Famous architects like Cruz&Ortiz, Vazquez Consuegra and Gonzalez Cordon who were the first in a whole new group of young, high-quality architects. This tour visits contemporary spaces of the most renowned architects, which have given to the Andalusian architecture new lines, but preserved original roots and heritage.
  • 8 hours with two coffee breaks and a lunch break.

Tour of Cruz&Ortiz works

Author: Paul Hermans
  • Cruz&Ortiz has been for the last three decades a reference of the architecture in Seville. They have works all around the world, and most of them developed in Seville. The Train Station of Santa Justa made them get the National Award of Spanish Architecture, and their buildings have been internationally rewarded. In this tour we would be able to visit some of their iconic projects in which we can understand and learn from their way of conceiving architecture.
  • 4 hours with a coffee break.

Tour of Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra works

Author: Duccio Malagamba
  • Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra is probably the best international reference of the architecture in Andalusia and in Seville. With very interesting projects such as social housing in the city, the Navigation pavilion in the river, the cultural complex of the Caixa Forum or the rehabilitación of the Palace of San Telmo, Seville is perfect for a tour focusing on its leading figure, his way of treating the light and the materials and his comprenhension of the historic urban landscape.
  • 4 hours with a coffee break.

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